Windsurfing “My Religion” – Short Film by Aleix Sanllehy

I recently saw a short 3 minute film about windsurfing and the passion for it. I thought it was brilliant. It’s from a Catalonian windsurfer Aleix Sanllehy.

I recently saw a short 3 minute film about windsurfing and the passion for it. I thought it was brilliant. It’s from a Catalonian windsurfer Aleix Sanllehy.

So I contacted him and he agreed to do a quick interview. And of course check out Aleix’s film called Windsurfing “My Religion” at the bottom of this interview.

Tell me how did windsurfing start for you?

I started when I was 3 years old because my parents and my brother practiced it.

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

You are a pro rider, right? How does one become a pro rider,... when is the "turning point". How did it happen for you?

I started on the PWA World Tour really young so at that point Goya Windsurfing saw me sailing in some events and offered me a contract, that was the moment when I decided to go with my 100% on the sport.

How do you choose your sponsors?

To be honest I think all raiders chose sponsors depending on two things:

– one who pays more money and 

– two who has better windsurfing gear.

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

Are sponsors all it takes to finance your windsurfing career?

In my case first was my family and after my sponsors.

Do you also train on land,.. specifically for windsurfing - running, gymnastics, etc.?

I love to work out, I do weights and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) that’s my passion.

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

I understand you have a bunch of “wild” Hobbies and Interests? Tell me more about that. (I was a MMA coach here in Ljubljana Slovenia for 10 years 😉 )

For me Sports are my passion, any kind of sport but my favorite ones are those ones that make me FEEL that adrenaline.

What are your windsurfing plans for the future?

I still want to participate in some PWA events but during my last 4 years we built a company with my Brother and we are fully focused on it.

Windsurfing is a lovely sport but there is no money in it, even if you are the best of the best it’s hard to live the rest of your life from windsurfing.

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

Considering the constant pushing the limit in extreme conditions,... how often do small or big injuries happen? What can a windsurfer do to avoid that?

I train a LOT to avoid injuries but it’s a Fact that when you crash hard you will get some Damage, it’s part of the sport.

Do you have some favorite pro windsurfers that you look up to?

Roby Naish, best of the sport!

I understand you are in Cape Town at the moment. Is that for windsufing or something else?

Windsurfing 100% 

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

Do you also teach windsurfing?

No, I don’t have that much time because of the work I have to do for my business.

What are your favorite windsurfing spots?

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

Your Instagram is super rich with great content and lots of fans. How hard is it to keep up with everything?

I have a lot of different people who love Sports and it’s what I do most in my social Media is Sports.

I see you recently became a father. Tell me how life changes?

A lot, but only for a better life!! I’m lucky I have the best wife in the world and she pushes me to keep on working on doing what I love to do.

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

Any last words for people that love the wind and wind sports?

Keep on windsurfing and enjoying life and the Ocean!

Windsurfing "My Religion" by Aleix Sanllehy

Check out Aleix's Instagram here:

Photo courtesy: Aleix Sanllehy

By Matjaž Hrovat

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