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We are now in a second production cycle and a new batch of UrbanBreez Boards will be ready to ship in Spring 2022. More specifically in May.
After a successful Kickstarter campaign (naredi link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/704092541/urban-breez-street-windsurfing-reborn) we went from a prototype to manufacturing and are now all sold out. So we got proof of concept and a lot of happy customers. Our dream to make a rebirth of a Street or Land Windsurfing is becoming a reality. We have upgraded the UrbanBreez Board for our second round. We have fixed a few of the “glitches” that happened in round one plus we are also working on making a few upgrades.

UrbanBreez Board is ready for sailing and will fit all the industry standard sails and bases (and of course wings) but it does not come with the sail or rigg.

UrbanBreez has been vigorously tested by 100kg riders.

Ideally you should ride it on a smooth surface like asphalt (Parking Lot). You can also ride it on hard sand and grass. However, for the sand it should really be a hard sand – where the tide makes the surface hard. As for the grass, no it will not work on grass fields out in the country. It should be something like a football/soccer field with no bumps.

We use standard skateboard (standard kingpin)  10.5inch trucks that have been modified with a wider axle to make it’s width 60cm/24inch.
Truck mounting holes are “old school” – 41.275mm x 63.5mm / 1.625″ x 2.5″

Yes. All the parts are regular skateboard parts and can be easily replaced.

We use hard bushings that are fully adjustable to make the trucks harder or softer by tightening the kingpin nut.

We use standard 250 x 50 (10 x 2 inch) tires. 

Standard 6001-2RS bearings. Dimensions: 12mm x 28mm x 8mm. Bearings are fully replaceable and can be bought in any shop that sells bearings.

2 plus the spacer between them.

Deck is made of Hardwood Ply “sandwich” with 9 plys.

All the spare parts are available upon request. Plus we are just about to launch a “shop” part of our website where all the parts will be available and ready for you to order online.

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