~ Ray Williams, UK

Well-done Matjaz for all your hard work. My board has just arrived and I am very impressed with the quality of the final product. Where to start, the cardboard box it arrived in is very strong, with glue and tape, or as we say in the UK “belts and braces” to keep the contents safely inside. The board is a lovely shade of blue, and 18mm thick, which supports my 95kg body weight adequately. The course grip tape, with the Urban Breez logo on looks like it will last forever. The wheels, tires, nuts and bolts, and axel trucks look quality and strong. Only time will tell if there are any issues, and that is the way with any new project. I can’t wait to try the board out later today, or tomorrow as the weather forecast looks good.

 All the best from Ray in the UK : ))))))))))))

Just stoked!

~ Maurice Wolf, Netherlands

Jean-Christophe Denaes, Canada

I received my board today. Nothing to say for the price. I’m 99kg – let’s say 100kg. I’m not a skateboarder but a sailor, windsurfer and windboarder (40 years of sailing experience).

My first impressions :

  • I ridded it w/o sail on dirt road and it felt nice.
  • The board flex is good and reactive.
  • The Axles flex too easily in the first half and are good and responsive in the second half – I was seeing it in the videoclip too and was not surprised. Still, I would recommend stiffer bushings to compensate for the wide axles. I will replace them in time so no big deal. Still, those might be the right ones for lighter people (most customers might be under 75kg so let’s wait for some feedback here).
  • Tires are a big surprise. They really are great. They are made for firm floors (dirt roads, turfs, parkings but not on the beach. I will still try on **wet** sand when the conditions will allow it.
  • Blue Goo seems to be a protective paint – it smells when opening the box but the board had no odors after a few minutes only. Painting will need a bit more work to look clean but considering the international mess, it is just fine for a kickstart.
  • Non-slip coating is an old timer. No surprise here, it will do the job nicely. Easily replaceable when it will wear off.
  • All parts on this board, even the board itself, are both repairable and replaceable. I hope it will stay that way.
  • I will upgrade the board next year by adding a layer of carbon fibers or two layers of fiberglass + epoxy (g-flex or alike). It will add in strength and durability without taking away the flexibility. Depending on the fibers orientation, it also might help in reducing the initial tension on the bushings a bit for a more progressive bending/rotation.

Overall, it was definitely a great deal. Proof of concept is a success as far as I am concerned.


~ Japan

A detailed video testimonial
from Kensuke and Kango,
windsurf riders.

~ Maciej Simko, Poland

“Great experience. I really love the board. It allows me to get a windsurfing experience without touching the water 🙂 I really enjoy it. Overall the board is really good. I haven’t got any problems with attaching my sail. Board material and wheels look really good. I think it will last for years. Thank you for your good job.

“It’s a great board. Keeps me young. Age 61.

~ Dave Dean, USA

Urban Breez is a great board. I’m very happy with it, thanks so much for everything you’ve done for your Kickstarter backers and for the windsurfing community 🙂

~ Jerry Rubin, USA

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