How to be in the top 10 Windsurfers in Spain in all disciplines for 20 years

You know how most of us amateur windsurfers usually don’t have more than about 1 or 2 weeks of windsurfing per year. Well for my buddy Marius Solà that’s not the case. From his Facebook profile he seems to be riding all the time.

So I wanted to know what his story is and he was more than happy to share. 

Tell me how did windsurfing start for you?

Well, when I was 14 years old, my parents sent me to a campsite, the typical place of entertainment for children. One of the activities was windsurfing, and for me, it was love at first sight. 

A year later my parents bought me an old, second hand, quiver. The sail was a triangular kind with an aluminium mast and a boom that needed a knot to fix it.

During the first five years, I practiced only in summer because I needed my parents to get to the beach. In winter I was focused on my university degree in industrial engineering. But when I started working and I was able to buy a car, I began to practice windsurfing all year round and my skill level began to grow fast. At the same time, I started to travel (only during my vacations) to the best windsurfing spots in the world.

I see on your pics and Videos on Facebook you are an awesome windsurfer. Those tricks are very impressive. Are you a pro rider? Tell me more about that.

I’m not a pro rider. It would be fun, but I was studying to be an industrial engineer and never had the level needed or time to practice and think about it. My level grew late in years, but never stopped growing, so that’s why nowadays, at 48 years old I have a good windsurfing level.

During the years I take part in National competitions in freestyle, slalom and wave disciplines with a good performance in all of them. Also, I write many travel reports for the Spanish magazine “Surf a Vela”. As a result of this dedication some windsurfing brands became interested in me as an opinion leader. That’s why I’m not a professional but I still have some brand partners (sponsors) with whom we have a win-win relationship. 

Your partners/sponsors are only from the windsurfing industry?

I represent JP-Australia and NeilPryde in Spain thanks to the surf shop

I also have an interesting partnership with “” – insurance brokerage specialized in camper vans.

Recently I collaborated with a manufacturer of camper vans called “Julia Camper”. And they have done an amazing job in my windsurf van.

Finally I want to thank my local windsurfing club “CN Betulo” for years of help.

I love to share on social media the enjoyment of windsurfing and van life. You are all very welcome to my Instagram or FB:

Do you have a “regular” job?

Yes. I own a small company where we design and manufacture electronic boards for different industrial applications. You can check it at

How come you are so good at windsurfing?

Well, my level of windsurfing is the result of many years giving it an absolute priority at holidays and weekends.

Do you have a family?

My wife Esperanza, is a passionate windsurfer so we share the same passion. She is the author of many photos you can see on social media. We travel with a lovely cat in the van. We don’t have children. We have chosen this option because both want all the freedom for ourselves.

I see you are windsurfing “all the time”. How does that work with the rest of your land life?

During the week I work in my company with office hours. However, sometimes, when the forecast is good, I can spare a few hours to windsurf. It’s not always easy, but sometimes it is possible. A lot of energy is needed to do that.

On the other hand, during the weekend or free time, it is much easier to enjoy windsurfing because, as I have explained before, my wife and I are focused and agree to spend all of our free time travelling and windsurfing. For this, I have a Volkswagen Crafter fully custom for windsurfing and equipped to sleep, cook, enjoy and relax.

On holidays I love to travel with my wife and friends to “magic” spots of the world. Brazil, Cabo Verde, Canaries Island, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Cape town and especially our preferred place last years, Mauritius Island.

Do you have a coach?

No, I never had a coach.

Do you also train on land... specifically, for windsurfing - running, gymnastics, etc.?

Definitely yes, I practice mountain biking and fitness at the gym to stay in shape. The key to improving your level is to keep in good shape even when you get older.

Any other “wild” Hobbies and Interests?

I love sports like snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and hobbies like radio control electric cars races. Perfect when there’s no wind.

What are your windsurfing plans for the future?

Currently, I compete in the championship of Spain and Catalonia in slalom, freestyle and wave in master division. I hope to continue in the championships in the future. But what I really like to do in the future is to share the joy of windsurfing. 

Describe your major highlights and achievements in the sport in the past.

I have been in the top three of Catalonia and the top ten of Spain for the last twenty years in a row in all disciplines.
Also for quite a few years now I am a travel reporter man for the Spanish surfing magazine “Surf a Vela

What does your daily windsurfing routine look like?

It’s a routine, but not daily.
Usually, the first thing I do is check the forecast days before, in order to plan the possible place where I need to go. Before choosing the spot, I try to get “real” information and feedback from other windsurfers. My decision to practice slalom, waves or freestyle is made on the conditions available that day.  

Do you have some favourite pro windsurfers that you look up to? Why?

Lots of them. Can’t say any specific names. It’s just amazing the quality level happening in the professional scene.

Do you also teach windsurfing?

I never did teach. Nevertheless I do like to help friends when they ask for tips.

Do you also windsurf on a foil? If yes,... how do you like that and how does that compare to windsurfing on a regular windsurfing board?

Yes, I do, especially in the summer breeze, but I’m not too crazy about foiling.

What about kitesurfing or wings with a foil sup are super popular these days?

It’s important for the industry, they are looking for new ways for the sport development that allows more people to enjoy the sea. The wing has been a big success, this sport is attractive for windsurfers, kitesurfers and new incomers. What I like the most about the Wind Wing is that it’s safer than a kite. I want to try it.

You are all very welcome to Marius Instagram or Facebook:

By Matjaž Hrovat

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