Getting Extremely Fit at the age 55 with Windsurfing and Athletic Biotuning

Each Windsurfer that I interview is an impressive individual. All the stories we share are very inspiring. But this one is going to blow you away.

Each Windsurfer that I interview is an impressive individual. All the stories we share are very inspiring. But this one is going to blow you away. 

Børre Bendiksen is a guy from Norway that was not very impressive (physically) when he was 20 years old. He was still just an ordinary guy when he was 30. When he was 40 he was still not impressive. 

At the age 50 Børre started developing a revolutionary health & fitness lifestyle method he calls Athletic Biotuning.

Now at 55 years of age his physique is super impressive.

And since I am just a few years away from turning 50 and I do feel I am getting a bit “rusty” I really wanted to know HOW he did it.

So,… on with his story:

How did windsurfing start for you?

My first windsurfing experience was on a Tencate Windsurfer in Spain in 1978, 14 years old. I was instantly hooked and chronically infected by the windsurf virus! 44 years later I’m more dedicated and motivated than ever.

Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen
Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

Are you a pro rider? Tell me more about that.

No, I see myself as an ambitious hobby rider that trains and eats like a pro.

Do you have sponsors?

Yes, I am sponsored by Ski & Surf, the Norwegian importer of Starboard, Severne and RRD.

Do you have a “regular” job?

I have organized my life and job situation in a way that gives me freedom to surf and ski when the conditions are good.

I work in the online health & fitness lifestyle and nutrition coaching industry. A flexible job I can take with me anywhere I travel. 

Since I was in my early twenties I have committed to a long term vision and plan to build up economic flexibility and create an independent job situation that gave me the freedom to practice activities I love while I still was young and fit enough to really enjoy the action. 

I achieved this goal 15 years ago, at 41. Until then, my job was totally dominating my life, to an extent that I got severe health issues and was hospitalized with a bleeding stomach ulcer, suffered from severe insomnia and experienced cognitive symptoms like loss of speech in the middle of a sentence in pressed situations.

It took years for me to understand that these symptoms were stress related and a result of being constantly running after the clock and burning the candle on both ends. In that period I didn’t prioritize my own health and paid the price. At around 30 years of age I developed a BMI close to 30 and felt and looked like shit. That was a real health warning and a lifestyle wake up call for me. After this, I have “down prioritized” job, career, dependency of high income and social status and focused on building up my life quality, health and fitness again. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made and has resulted in a life-changing experience and a new business.

Do you have a family?

Yes, same, sporty girlfriend for almost 30 years and two grown up kids.

Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

I am very much impressed with your land training (Athletic Biotuning), can you tell me more about that?

As a physiotherapist specialized in body composition transformations, nutrition physiology, metabolic syndrome and functional fitness training, I have for years worked with the development of a revolutionary health & fitness lifestyle method called Athletic Biotuning. It is a science based, chronobiological nutrition and training method that reverses physical decay by reactivating fallen metabolic and anabolic hormonal processes that regulate body composition and longevity health biomarkers. 

The combination of activity and cirkadian rhythm adapted nutrition and functional resistance training with body control and strength in focus, is extremely effective for windsurfers, skiers, climbers and other technical sport practitioners that want to get back in youthful shape to get the maximum out of the sport activities they love. This system also prevents injuries and enables you to progress and perform at a high level far into elderhood. For anyone interested in releasing their unexploited genetic potential for athletic body composition, maximizing sports performance and longevity health after the age of 30, can find more info at

Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

Any other “wild” Hobbies and Interests?

My favorite activities besides windsurfing are alpine and telemark off-piste skiing, off road mountain biking, surfing, nature hiking, fishing and Calisthenics.

Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen
Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

What are your windsurfing plans for the future?

Not letting age be a limitation and an excuse. To keep travelling and chasing waves and wind and keep progressing into a complete windsurfer that can handle any sea state and wind condition.

Do you have some favorite pro windsurfers that you look up to? Why?

Robby Naish and Marcilio «Brawzinho» Brown. 

Robby for what he has done for the sport and still going incredibly strong after 50. 

Brawzinho for being my greatest inspiration for his extreme, ballet like, onshore wave sailing skills that I try to copy.

Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

Do you also windsurf on a foil? What about Wind Wing? Have you tried it?

No, I am so far a dedicated windsurfer and have been so focused on improving my windsurfing skills besides practicing other sports, that I haven’t found time to start with more disciplines. Also, as a lightweight at around 70 kg, I “plane” in very light Winds on my Isonic Slalom Board. That said, I’m open for testing foiling in the future.

Any last words for people that love the wind and wind sports?

After testing most sports out there, nothing else matches the addictive emotions and adrenaline rush that windsurfing gives me. Flying over turbulent water, driven only by nature’s forces. The closest alternative may be the few times in life that I have experienced waking up to deep, light powder in the Alps and gone off-piste skiing. There is nothing else in life that gives me this childish joy and makes me tick like an eager little boy as when I’m on my way to new wind and wave adventures.

It’s amazing how the brain is totally emptied for any other thoughts, concerns and stress while surfing. The endorphin production it produces is like a pill of happiness that keeps me smiling from ear to ear the rest of the day after a good session.

The social part is also worth mentioning. I have met so many fantastic, inclusive and positive people in this sport. Most of my best friends I have today, I met for the first time on a windy beach. It seems like the sport attracts action seeking people with a general positive attitude to life and a wish to share with others the joy and exciting experiences and action that the wild weather conditions can offer.

There is probably no other sport that takes so many years to achieve an advanced level, making you capable of sailing with full control in most conditions. This alone makes a natural selection of the dedicated, stayer committed personality type it takes to be a long time windsurfer.

Windsurfing is a fantastic sport, so technical that you never will go empty for new things to improve or learn. 

To be philosophic for a moment, I think windsurfers are really privileged people that generally get more out of life than most people.


Photo courtesy: Børre Bendiksen

By Matjaž Hrovat

Hi, I’m Matjaž. I love windsurfing. I also love to design and make fun things. I wanted to do more windsurfing but I ran out of time for whole day trips to the sea. Every time it’s windy I get butterflies in my belly. I just had to figure out something. If I only have an hour an a half… how can I do some windsurfing? So the Urban Breez was born...

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